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        New Zealand is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Controls at the border remain for those entering New Zealand.

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        Experience a different Queenstown. Let the flavours & colours of autumn ignite your senses.

        Discover things to do this magical season

        Queenstown Deals

        Discover great deals on Queenstown experiences & accommodation.

        Explore special offers

        Getting to Queenstown

        Drive to Queenstown
        Fly to Queenstown

        Upcoming Events

        26 Mar
        events Music 26 Mar 2021

        Arrow Sounds

        Thirty-one gigs. Fifteen venues. Three days. One joyful celebration of local musical talent. Zero...

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        22 Apr
        events Music 22 Apr 2021

        Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival

        A fun filled 5 day festival with something for everyone.

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        24 Apr
        events Sporting 24 Apr 2021

        Routeburn Classic

        The Routeburn Classic is an adventure run over the world renowned Routeburn Track traversing through...

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        04 Jun
        events Art and Culture 04 Jun 2021

        LUMA 2021

        Immerse yourself in illuminated art in and around the Queenstown Gardens this Queen's Birthday...

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        Explore the Best Time to Visit Queenstown


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        March - May


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        Welcome to Queenstown, the Home of Adventure.

        Welcome to the official Queenstown New Zealand website. Here you’ll find everything you need to plan your next trip to Queenstown, from accommodation options and where to eat, to the endless array of things to do and a full calendar of events all year round.

        Let Queenstown awaken your senses and inspire you to go further than you've gone before. Whether you're into chasing steep slopes, exploring our trails, indulging in food and wine, discovering stunning fairways or seeking adrenaline thrills - there are a thousand adventures to be found here of all tastes, tempos and temperatures. Discover things to do, where to eat and places to stay, and plan your Queenstown adventure today.

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